Too Cool 4 School Dunk Tank Challenge

CSI Gives Back is a nonprofit initiative driven to provide acts of kindness and bring smiles to the community around Jacksonville—and that’s precisely what it did for the students at Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School. Over the past four years, CSI has partnered with Sadie T. Tillis to provide the children with school supplies and prepare them for the new year.

This year’s fundraiser went over with a big splash. CSI turned in the pie-throwing for something more thrilling, a dunk tank!

Picture this: water sprayed the crowd as their favorite coworkers got catapulted into a tank of cold water. The music was loud, but the laughter from the audience was louder. Anticipation continued to creep up as everyone waited to see who raised the most money. Excitement built as the countdown to the final number raised was announced. Over $5,000 was raised, which was donated to support the children at Sadie T. Tillis!

Fresh out of the tank, was the CSI employee who raised the most money, Jake Dishman. He raised $880 with the help of his co-workers, friends, and family. When asked if he thought he would raise that much money, Jake said, “I did not! I am a financial analyst and went up against many salespeople and recruiters who do this for a living. I was surprised and taken aback by all the support.”

Although it had to be one of the hottest days of the summer, CSI wasn’t fazed. Everyone was able to cool off with a delicious, icy treat from Mr. Reese’s Italian ice truck, The Icy Spot. During the event setup, Mr. Reese shared that he got involved through Mrs. Deb, Board Secretary of CSI Gives Back, and that this was his fifth event. He said, “CSI stays giving back. I know about what they do for elementary schools and the community. I think that is why she [Mrs. Deb] keeps bringing me back because I am a local business…that is the root of what you all do, you give back.”

Participants before their big splash in the dunk tank!

A week after the event, a few CSI employees delivered the school supplies and got to experience the children’s joy firsthand, seeing their faces light up at the sight of fresh notebooks, crayons, markers, and more. Dominique Carter, Internship Manager at CSI, said “School supplies can be expensive, and if CSI can help lessen the load for some of these parents and these communities, I think it is great. One of the children told me they loved me, so I know we are making a difference.”

Children were filled with excitement as they picked out their school supplies!

Mrs. Dunbar, the school’s principal, was thrilled to see the children’s happiness. She said the students know they do not have everything they need for the school year, so this event excites them greatly. “It has been so instrumental to us because it alleviates that stress knowing that all our children will be taken care of with the necessary supplies because we have such a strong partnership with CSI Gives Back,” Dunbar said.

CSI Gives Back wishes a great school year to ALL the teachers and students!

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