Giving back is easy as pie. Last year, we hosted a school supply drive and collected more than 3,000 school supplies for Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School students and teachers. This year was a little different… and a lot more uncertain. But one thing hadn’t changed: the need for school supplies.

So we ditched the drive and opted for a not-so-ordinary fundraiser. We asked our leaders if they would be up for getting pied for a good cause. And unanimously, they were!

During our Pies for School Supplies event, we rallied our team members, family members, partners, and supporters to donate to whoever they thought should NOT get pied. (Plot twist: all of our leaders got pied anyway. It’s for a good cause, right?!).

Together, we raised $5,377 for the students and teachers of Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School (Duval County Public Schools)!

 Watch the pie-ing in action >>

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