“A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” – Walt Disney: CSI Gives Back’s 22nd Dreamer

Dreams Come True is the First Coast’s only locally based, dream-granting organization for children battling life-threatening illnesses. CSI Gives Back is a proud partner of Dreams Come True and has seen 21 dreamers join the CSI Family. After successfully supporting 21 dreams, it is time for the 22nd dream to come true.  

This past week we celebrated our 22nd dreamer, Jazmin, and her family. Jazmin’s dream was to go to the most magical place on earth- Disney! With the help of our CSI Family and our generous donors, CSI Gives Back was able to grant Jazmin’s dream. Before going on her trip, we had to throw her the best party with all her favorite things! 

Who doesn’t love a Chick-Fil-A charcuterie board?

Jazmin was welcomed by her CSI Family, a giant Chick-Fil-A charcuterie board, and plenty of gifts for her upcoming Disney trip. Jazmin was overwhelmed with joy when she saw all her surprises. As the celebration went on, Mickey and Minnie joined us, ready to party!  

They are ready to visit the most magical place on earth!

As the party festivities settled down, Jazmin asked Mrs. Deb, our fantastic Board Secretary for CSI Gives Back, “What can I do to one day work at CSI?” Lucky for her, one of our C-Level executives was right there and told her a few secrets to success. We pulled Mrs. Deb aside and asked her what it meant to her to see Jazmin’s smiling face when she walked in. She replied, “Jazmin left me speechless. Just seeing raw emotions and gratitude means a lot. She shared this dream with her family, and it shows how selfless she truly is.”  

Jazmin and her new CSI Family!

We cannot wait to hear about Jazmin and her family’s trip to Disney! CSI Gives Back wants to thank all our CSI Family and donors for helping make Jazmin’s dream come true. It would not be possible without you! 

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